Florida DrupalCamp 2016
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Project Management and Consulting
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A Successful Drupal Development Pipeline

Track: Coding & Development
Target: Beginners

Every time (or even the first time!) you build a Drupal site, you should be asking yourself if there’s a better way to do it. And we’re not just talking about site-building - we mean topics from Git to Deployment and everything in between. We’ll show you how all the tools fit. Here we’ll peek inside other people’s processes to see some of the best practices development that goes on at a professional level, and as a bonus help newbies get a grasp on which topics they want to dive deeper in.

This is the glue that holds all of the hot topics of today together: The Development Pipeline. We'll take an in-depth look at the way a professional Drupal Shop does things like transitioning from Sales, to Discovery, to site building. We’ll talk about the myriad of tools you can use to ensure development goes as smoothly as possible.

The best-practices whirlwind will separate the development process into stages and help you know which tools to use where. We’ll tie in starting a Drupal project with a Discovery Phase, drop in on estimation and documentation, and get the ball rolling with Drupal 7 & 8 Developer Tools like Git, TMUX, and Vagrant. We’ll list the top D7 & D8 modules and cover things like Premature Optimization, Testing, and Code Reviews.

Together, we'll cover the life cycle of a Drupal project from start to finish!