Florida DrupalCamp 2016
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Project Management and Consulting
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Client:  "Our website is broken!  Help!"

You:  "What's wrong?"

Client:  "The thingy isn't working right."

You:  "What thingy?  What page?"

Client:  "The registration thing on the registration page."

You:  "Hmm...It looks okay to me."

Client:  "Really?  You can't see it?  Are you blind?  I'm looking at it right now, it's covering the whole page and it's broken!"

We've all been there.  The old "it works for me" problem.  It is frustrating to you, it's frustrating to your clients, and it can cast a shadow of doubt in your client's mind about your competence.  What you need is a way to (as best as possible) see the site and it's conditions through your client's eyes--a way for non-technical people to submit highly technical reports that answer nearly any conceivable question without the need to bother the client for more information.

Here, we discuss a custom HelpDesk module we created and have been using internally with our clients for about a year that does just that.  In addition, it integrates with Open Atrium to allow reports from clients to be entered directly into maintainer ticket/case workflows seamlessly.  

History, decisions, and technical aspects of the module will be presented along with a discussion about where mistakes were made and (hopefully) an interactive discussion about future plans for the module as we move to contribute the code as a project on Drupal.org.