Florida DrupalCamp 2016
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The art of data architecture in your Drupal site for higher ed presents a slew of challenges from every direction. But, with the common knowledge that "content is king", where do you begin to discover that new website design? How can you use that old main frame, green screen data, re-architect it and present it in clear and concise information architecture without resorting to those monster mega menus with dozens and dozens of links? Can academia websites have that "cool and sexy" front end and at the same time give visitors a simple, easy to consume data rich experience? Do you need to bow to the challenges of numerous custom modules, or resort to using monster size distributions?

The simple answer is you CAN have the cool and sexy front end WITH the clear and concise information architecture without custom anything! The magic is stepping back to the most elementary (grade school level - pun intended) reasoning, planning and implementation.

Join me in reviewing a case study of a recent academia site launch where the challenges you might be faced with were documented, planned and implemented on time and on budget. Plus, the modular design is now ready for additional data layers to be "bolted on" taking the existing architecture and allowing it to become part of a much larger architecture without missing a beat.