Florida DrupalCamp 2016
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Project Management and Consulting
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Thinking about an "as-a-service" business or project?  Then this session is for you. 

Designed for anyone, no technical knowledge or Drupal experience needed. The goal is to learn from a veteran on what is needed to get started, what to avoid, and other lessons learned the hard way. Learn where the Drupal helped, where the Drupal caused issues, and how the field is changing.  This session is based on my experience starting a "as-a-service" business from scratch, growing, coding, and running it for 6 years, then selling it.  As a programmer and former business owner, I am happy to share what I have learned, and hopefully help you with your "as-a-service" ideas.   


  • Overview on time-frames, key pieces of the system
  • What Drupal and its ecosystem provides, what is missing
  • How to avoid headaches. 
  • The good, the bad and the ugly: lessons learned on theming/templating in an "as-a-service" world
  • Questions and Discussion

Assumptions about the audience: 
None. No prior Drupal experience or technical knowledge assumed or needed. 

Slides: https://prezi.com/aqptfhlk7rdw/drupal-as-a-service/