Florida DrupalCamp 2016
Parent Track: 
Design, Theming, & Front-end Development


Slides! http://bit.ly/1TWHtly


Prototype clean, beautiful sites that users enjoy and clients can easily collaborate on and understand. We’ll introduce kalastatic, the open-source Kalamuna prototyping tool that co-exists with Drupal themes, Wordpress, and stand-alone sites, and consumes JSON from Drupal 7, 8 or other services. 

A solid prototyping framework should put in practice atomic web design principles to produce a living styleguide to guide back-end implementations in a framework agnostic approach. It should serve as a point of convergence between front-end development, back-end development, and content strategy.


  • Enable designers and front-end developers to focus on their craft instead of struggling with poorly documented CMS APIs and configurations.
  • Drive design thinking early in the project lifecycle by giving clients something they can see and understand.
  • Provide a litmus test against style regressions during development by using the prototype as a living style guide.
  • Accelerate development by using a workspace for front-to-back and back-to-front collaboration.
  • Craft small sites with fun and fury, not tedium and infinite clicks