Florida DrupalCamp 2016
Parent Track: 
Design, Theming, & Front-end Development

Today’s front-end workflow benefits greatly from familiarity with a few key languages and libraries - this is especially true as we move closer to a D8 release date. The front-enders at Chapter Three came together to discuss standardizing projects; a goal that had raised much contention in the past. After several rounds of hand-to-hand combat, we were able to come together and produce a front-end build process that has increased productivity, decreased friction, and helped with posterity and team interoperability. Topics include preprocessor languages, frameworks, asset architecture, task-runners, Drupal best practices, swear words, and complaining. Come learn what the hell we’re talking about and bask in the glow of our curated cat-gifs.

Drew Bolles - @bollskis
I first started building sites back when GeoCities was all the rage, spending my nights as a kid learning HTML and CSS. Fast-forward a few years, and I'm still viewing sources and reading A List Apart articles. I'm passionate about developing scalable, reusable architectures that not only look great, but are built with good semantics and performance as a feature.

Casey Wight - @cwightrun
With a background in design, development and Drupal, I bring a diverse set of skills to the Chapter Three team. My initial jump into the web-development forway began in the dark days of tables and frames. I’ve performed many roles over the years but my main focus has always been getting my hands dirty in code. Now I’m designing and developing flexible and scalable Drupal front-end systems.